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2019 Best In The Desert Parker 250

This past weekend the 2019 BITD season kicked off in Parker AZ. The race was made up of four classes, UTV Rally, UTV Unlimited, UTV Production and UTV Turbo. There was a total of 128 UTV's there to kick off the 2019 BITD season.

As we arrived in Parker you could smell the moisture in the air. If you know the smell of a wet desert, then you know exactly what I mean. Rain was in the forecast for Saturday, but the desert floor was already prime. We pulled in late Friday to a packed main pit. The season opener is always huge; new teams, new builds and proven vets all showing up hoping to make a points run.

Saturday morning was cool and cloudy. There was a slight breeze that would help move any dust the damp ground would release. These conditions were perfect for a high-speed desert race. We kicked off the morning with a hot cup of Gearhead Coffee, a freshly brewed passion project from a group out of Texas. They love coffee and off road, so they grind beans and gears trying to make something everyone loves. It really hit the spot.

The UTV's were scheduled to line up at noon. The 250 mile race was made up of three 80 mile loops. The math doesn't add up, but thats ok. There were some really nice new builds in staging.

We took our Desertworks built Polaris RZR out on course to shoot photos. Parker is an open riding area most of the year so there are trails everywhere. We were able to move from spot to spot fast and made the day really fun. We used Motion X App to make sure we stayed off the race course. Its really nice to have some great GPS aps for smart devices.

The race started under a party cloudy sky. The racers start two x two 30 seconds apart. We had set up at the base of a hill around RM3. This sandy turn was wet and that really eliminated the dust factor. Cars were coming in one on top of the other. T908 Ray Wilkens leads T991 Sierra Romo into the desert at RM3 on lap 1.

From RM 3 we moved over to RM 78. This was a long straight into a high banked burm. The burm was not as wet as the sand so the dust did kick up a little.

For lap two we moved back to a jump we saw around RM76. It was a roller but the drivers running the lead pace got some air. 

Here are a couple favorites we took. We want to congratulate all the teams that made it on the podium.

Pro Turbo:
Dustin Jones
Brandon Shueler
Branden Sims

Pro NA:
Seth Quintero
Bret Ward
Bradley Howe

Michael Isom
Josh Shelton
Mike Zuendel

UTV Rally:
James Moore
Barry Schafer
Michael Knightly

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