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Springs, Sliders and Limit Strap Kits

In 2017 Desert Works built us a custom Polaris RZR for us to use as a Media Recon vehicle. Once we loaded the RZR down with gear and people theĀ springs were flat. I was forced the crank 3+" inches of preload in to get the ride height set correctly. This really affected the handling. At the Parker 250 I noticed the springs were toast. With KOH just a week a away it was time to resolve this.

Since building our media recon RZR we have put about 500 miles on it. We set it up with the Lonestar Racing +3.5 suspension kit. We control it with Walker Evans Velocity shocks. The Walkers come with Eibach springs but the rate was too soft for our heavy RZR. With 2019 KOH just a week away we decided now was a great time to pull the RZR apart and address the spring issue.

Parts used.
New Sliders: AGM-WSA-2500 retail $114.09 each ($228.18 total)
New Top Coils: EIB-0600.300.0450S retail $100.00 each ($200 total)
New Bottom Coils: EIB-1000.300.0400S retail $100.00 each ($200 total)
Limit Strap Kit: ODL-217401 retail $85.50 ($85.50 total)
Total spend on parts: $713.98

We started with the AGM Hybrid slider. Aluminum 2 piece body with a composite inner sleeve. This design can help with coil bind also. Below is a video is Bryan Lyttle from AGM going over the nuts and bolts of the design.


This photo shows the setup before we started the project. Even with 3" of preload the crossover ring was basically sitting against the slider at ride height. The top spring was basically doing nothing.

We started by removing the old springs and slider. It is really hard to get a spring compressor in this setup. So we got sketchy with tie downs. This is super dangerous. If you don't have the right tools please consult a professional with the correct tools. (DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME).

First impression on the sliders was they appeared to be upside down on my shocks. I spoke with AGM and they explained the slider would need to be mounted upside down to allow room for the cross over ring. The AGM slider was about .250" thicker than the factory composite slider. Between this, 1" longer top spring and added spring weight it was hard to compress it for assembly.

This photo shows the results of the new springs. No preload needed. The heavier springs now hold the weight on the RZR and gear. The new sliders look great and the fit was perfect. AGM offers a slider for all major shock bodies and sizes. The crossover now sits on the middle of the top spring and has close to 3.5" of travel before engaging at ride height. The limit strap kit was added to eliminate that annoying clunk the shock makes when dropping out. The strap shortens the droop out by .5" and protects the shock and axles.

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